Welcome To Funkart

Who We Are ?

Founder Raymond Harrison has been involved in all facets of karting for over 40 years as a competitor, manufacturer, kart shop owner and also been involved with karting administration across various levels.

So as you can see, the passion and knowledge base has been built up over many, many years. Having never lost sight of where it all began and such a strong connection with grass roots karting, over recent years it has become obvious that the sport has significantly strayed away from the core values of the club level "weekend" racer in pursuit of the next "champion", the sport has become quite good at leaving racers behind creating a churn rate as high as it has ever been, the "Career Karter" has become a dying breed. 

Funkart has developed a concept aimed at putting the FUN back into karting, targeting affordability, accessibility and fair competition for all. To achieve this we are going back to the future. To a time where even the "New Guy" can still go home with a trophy, and where your kart cost less, is small and light, so it's easy to carry and store, and is more fun to drive and compete. 

Yes it's karting the old way, which is now the new way, back to the future to inspire a whole new group of karters, whils't providing a great opportunity to re introduce a wide group of racers that karting has left behind. 

Come and join the revolution, it's really FUN.