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5.30pm – 10.30pm, Valid for all sessions per driver. Driver must hold a current AASA Day or Annual Kart licence.



Fun and Safety Briefing (F&SB)

Driver safety wear on track at all times :

1) Helmet with eye coverage (Australian standard) max 10 years old.
2) Gloves (fingerless gloves not allowed).
3) Protective footwear (ankles covered).
4) 1 piece driving overalls secured at the neck, wrists and ankles.

Track Safety:

1) Black Flag: Return to the pits immediately.
2) Red Flag: Stop on track with caution.
3) Chequered Flag: Session end, return to the pits.
4) Yellow Flag: Reduce speed, drive with caution, do not overtake.
5) Seniors and Juniors must not occupy the track at the same time.

On-Track Behavior

1) Karting is a non contact sport, drive with care and consideration.
2) Give way to faster karts.
3) Raise arm to signal exiting the track or going slowly.
4) Point which side you wish to be overtaken.

Off-Track Behavior:

1) No abusive behavior whatsoever against others.
2) No smoking or naked flame within the designated pit area.
3) No kart re fueling or chain oiling on track, out grid or in grid.

Alcohol and Drug:

1) Drivers on track must be alcohol and drug-free.
2) Alcohol must not be consumed within the designated pit area.

Kart Maintenance:

1) Karts must be prepared and maintained to prevent loose wheels,
steering issues, brake failure or throttle jamming.
NOTE: Any failure to abide by the above may result in termination
by the session coordinator.

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